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A day of heartfelt felicity by Parul Goyal

By Volunteer Parul Goyal, FHI Jaipur

How NGOs work and the experience of working in one had remained a mystery for too long, for me. I had been mulling for a long time to join an NGO to help people who are not so privileged. Then I heard from a friend about FHI and I decided to be a part of this initiative.

I got an opportunity to be an active part of one of the FHI events on 14th July, 2019. The theme for the month’s event was: Out of the Box thinking. The volunteers carefully planned several activities that would be compatible as well as fun for different age groups of the children.

The first activity was called ‘Decoding Detective’. Some small substitution cyphers were used to replace numbers with alphabet letters. It was fun to watch them rack their brains to decipher the puzzles given to them and see them laugh at their own silly mistakes.

The next entertaining task ‘Finish the Picture’ was to stimulate innovative and divergent thinking in the kids. They were provided with random designs on paper and were required to use those designs to make any picture they want.

The last one was ‘Color Combination’. The challenge of this activity was to use just the primary colors and make secondary colors from them to paint the pictures. This activity was my personal favourite. It gave me real happiness to watch the kids play with the colors and make such creative ideas for pictures and color them in unique ways.

It was such an ecstatic experience to see so much enthusiasm and happiness filled in the children who have not even got it all. And I really hope that we were able to able to make those children as much happy as the experience was fulfilling for myself.

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