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A day full of smiles by Shubham Jadhav

By Volunteer Shubham Jadhav, FHI Nagpur

Have you ever been to an orphanage and seen those little kids welcoming you with all their heart? Have you ever seen the warm teary glitter in their eyes in excitement of seeing you? Have you ever heard them tell you they wish to know who their parents were? Did they ever sit beside you listening to stories of the world? Have you been hugged you like you’re their best friend? Have they ever made you promise to visit and play with them every week?

Isn’t it wonderful, how those kids know what love is, despite not having it in their lives? Love is not something they have seen so much, yet love is what they always believe in.

And the same belief was made stronger by FHI—FLY HIGHER INDIA. I heard about FHI and their events from my friends.. I saw stories, pictures which they posted on their social media wall. I could see FHI was earning smiles by their events & I too joined this amazing organisation on 12th October 2019.

My city coordinators told us about the October ’19 event theme named : Sports & Games.

I just thought in my mind how sports and games will instil life skills and bring smiles on the kids faces as they play the games anyways.

One week before the event we started discussions. The coordinators wanted us volunteers to suggest some useful & thoughtful activities for kids, which will help them to enjoy & help them to learn something too.

The volunteers support was superb, they suggested so many sports & games activities. And finally we all decided to conduct 5 activities from which they would learn some golden things which help them to grow in life.

One of the activities from the five and my favourite was the “Balloon Game”. Which was not only fun and engaging but also had a crucial learning that – One person putting other down is like telling the world that you are more worried about your competition than your own progress.

I love to be a volunteer of this very awesome and graceful NGO FHI. Thank you for providing me a platform to bring smiles on the kids faces. Happy to be a volunteer and to make a difference to many lives.

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