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Tweak and cherish the way of we life by Kirti Gautam

By Supporter Kirti Gautam

Here is the scoop on ‘Life Skills’ out from the conversation with Ms. Vaishali Chakravarty, the founder of ‘Joy of Drama’ and one of India’s leading drama & life skills educators.

Everybody at different stages of their life stands desperately unrehearsed. To nail one’s roles in life, everybody needs to develop an approach. Everybody with different surroundings aspires to lead a better life. However, life keeps surprising us and the surprise may be a nasty one or a lovely one. Knowing the concept of ‘Life skill’ is a blessing in disguise. Anything that one does to make his life easy and joyful is a skill. If there is a problem, you need to identify it first and then you need to focus on its cause. There is no downside to solving a problem with your creativity.

Before setting goals, one starts discovering the options they have. The opinion of parents, teachers, and a few close friends let the person know what he is good at. However, these days with the advent of so many social media platforms, youth gets influenced easily. That’s how we face a dilemma of what’s the right decision. We start doubting our choices, our potential, and worrying about what others would think about us. On the contrary self-assurance and self-belief is the key. What we need to do is keep doing what we are doing with perseverance and resilience. There is no need to ape or mimic what everybody else is doing as neither it is about big nor about small. It is about figuring what is working for you. Because that is what is going to make sense.

To conclude, we need to be grateful for whatever we have. Many people out there are not as lucky as us.

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