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True Freedom by Raunak Bhandari

By Volunteer Raunak Bhandari, FHI Jodhpur

A mentor is someone who gives confidence to his mentee. He shows how to understand and guide them in the right manner. During stressful situations, a child might be unaware of handling it in a composed manner which in turn might provoke him to misbehave. Mentorship helps in controlling such negative emotions and gives it a positive direction.

The process of mentoring urges a mentor to refine himself every day, which fuels his personal growth. It enhances the chances of molding an individual towards greatness as well. This in turn helps to inculcate values all around as well as gives mentorship more value.

Imagine a world without mentors and students. A world where mentors turn a blind eye towards evil, and students in their ignorance, keep rushing towards violence and tension.

Mentorship allows underprivileged children to rise with a wonderful mentor and even look up to them, to bring out their true potential. There is a constant need for a mentor to make amendments in the teaching style to suit different students, making himself more efficient in dealing with children.

A mentor-mentee relationship creates an environment where there’s an exchange of positive energies that makes the world a better place. This is where true freedom lies.

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