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Those giggles just took my breath away

By Anshita Sharma, FHI Dehradun

Here is me sharing my first experience of this charismatic NGO named Fly Higher India – FHI.

On one good evening while I was scrolling my instagram account, I received a pop up of a new follow request and a message from FHI account, introducing itself. I found this group quite elan and without giving a second thought I replied to them, my assent. No sooner did I replied them, after a little conversation they joined me on whatsapp group.

At the back of my head I always wanted to join any such group and work for some good cause but due to some or the other reason I never happened to do so. Taking this as a golden opportunity to fulfill my desire I actively responded in that group and finally our first event was organised. It was on 22nd July 2018 and I was very nervous about it but my excitement and joy overruled my nervousness.


May be it wasn’t that perfect but with all those imperfections the ambience, the giggles, the bright smile and that spark on each and every face out there could not have been better than it was on that very day. Those giggles just took my  breath away. The passion of those kids made me wonder that this is something which is worth living for. I had no idea that this one day or precisely these 4 hours could be the turning point in my life. That very day the urge, the desire to do more and more for them in every best possible way settled deep down my heart. I realized , no other thing in this entire world could make me more happy than the smiles and sparkling eyes of those kids.


I am very happy that I was bestowed with this chance to broaden the curve of smile on those pretty faces. Now I feel blessed to be a part of this FHI family. Love being a member. I am really looking forward to add more chapters in this book of mine titled “FHI events”.

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