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Social Sustainability, Corporates, and NGOs: Cross-sector Roles

By Volunteer Uppasana Baruah, FHI Guwahati

With Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) being made mandatory in the form of section 135 of the Companies Act 2013, CSR funds are being utilized effectively by companies to fulfil social activities. For this, corporates are collaborating with non-profits to perform social responsibility. This collaboration can have a gamut of impact on the causes of an NGO. Some of these impacts would be:


It is quite palpable that if one has the expertise and the other has the finances, the intermingling of them could bring about the desired results without a hitch. While NGOs have the experience and knowledge of working for social sustainability, corporates with their large capital can uplift the cause and effect of NGOs. This will help both in the culmination of their duties with ease.


Multinational companies have their bases set up at different locations. This points to the fact that they can ensure that the non-profits they are working with, reach different corners. This will eventually ensure their social responsibility expanding to a larger scale.


There’s always something received for something given. Large companies have trenchant management and operation skills. This can be extended to the NGOs to help them function better. In the long run, good management might even exalt a non-profit from its previous position. Meanwhile, the NGOs can generously supply their innovative initiatives to the corporates for their joint ventures.


The growing partnership between the two will enhance a better understanding of social issues as well as enhance business practices. Even though there are challenges in the road and everything is not as simple as it may seem, the overall impact of collaborative projects between NGOs and Corporations will bring about positive growth for both and for the society. Thus, combining each other’s strengths and strategies will accentuate achieving business goals for companies along with adding a heap of moral touch.

Hopefully this collaboration will yield purpose-led growth for those involved, effectively make the causes undertaken by NGOs loud and clear, beget prosperity in society, and bring on success.

Kudos to all partners working hand in hand!

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