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Smiles of the Stars

By Ganesh FHI Volunteer Bangalore

The alarm rings at 10 am. After snoozing it a number of times, he gets up. He goes out of his house, wanders around the city, spends time till evening by shopping, watching cinema, roaming in malls and then goes to a restaurant for dinner. Then he is ready to rest his head on the pillow. This is probably how a city man’s life is on a weekend.

But how would a day spent in a noble deed be? How would it be to see smiles blossom on innocent faces? How would it be to ignite stars?

I was fortunate enough to have such a day. Thanks to “FHI-Fly Higher India” ! FHI is an NGO which has its span in many places of the country. Many volunteers are active under this, spreading smiles across the nation.

So, what does FHI do? It organises a visit to a school of orphans or the specially-abled children on a Sunday of every month. There, the volunteers involve in playing, singing, dancing, games and other crazy innovative tasks which bring out the creativity in the children and also themselves. The children are provided with lunch and snacks. Items which are of use to the children are distributed too. They are taught certain values of life also. Every volunteer becomes a child and every child gifts the volunteers a smile!

“A simple deed it may appear, It shall remain in the child’s memory forever! Bringing out the innocence of the volunteer, A day of worth it shall be, for sure!”

FHI provides a platform for building the dreams of many souls who wish to extend themselves to the society. Not only does it make our time worthy, but also gives satisfaction of being true siblings for the Lord’s children!

Moreover, it gives us freely the most precious thing in the world- Smile!

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