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Skills for All, All for Skills by Apurva Prabhudesai

‘Life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself’ – G.B. Shaw

Life skills are a crucial part of existence as a human being. They are essential for all, not just a fortunate few. The imbibing of these skills is very important right from early childhood as it plays a key role in the development and to achieve success in life.

With this, as the main aim, the entire focus is on the underprivileged children, who lack a guide to help them develop these crucial life skills, like communication, interpersonal, decision making, critical thinking, self-control, self-awareness.

These life skills are best unconventionally imparted to the children through various activities conducted with the help of volunteers. The activities are thoughtfully designed in a way, keeping their background in mind and making sure that it initiates a thought process in the child’s mind, allowing him/her to use own creativity, express oneself fearlessly in a conducive environment when otherwise it would not have been possible. A child’s open mind readily grasps new concepts, especially when they can relate to everyday life. New ideas, problems faced are discussed in a non-judgmental and unbiased environment. It is ensured that all children take part and learn something that provides a practical approach. Appreciation of their work and novel ideas boosts their morale and acts as positive reinforcement.

The right of each child to be treated as equal is recognized. These skills, when inculcated in the right way, will help in their daily life. Together, with basic education and life skills, they can be prepared to face the world to slowly but surely reach every child, empowering them with the right skillset, equal opportunities can be created for these children. They can aim for better opportunities in education and work. The barriers that stood in their way can be removed by making them confident and equally competent which would help in their future life and make a valuable contribution to society.

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