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Sensitizing people about charity: why and how? by Nidhi & Rohit

Collaborative Article by Volunteer Nidhi Lohia, FHI Kolkata & Rohit Sharma, FHI Bangalore

When we speak of water conservation, we often hear “every drop counts”. Similarly, every type of donation, meager or sizable, goes a long way in sustaining the noble work performed by NGOs like FHI.

Funds flowing in from CSR have been instrumental in financing the activities of the NGOs. However, the economic crisis ushered in by the Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the situation completely. As a result, individual contributions from the general public have become the need of the hour.

However, there is a lack of general awareness and trust among the public regarding the work carried out by NGOs. As volunteers, we can bring about a change and solve this perpetual problem. But what should be our blueprint? Let us analyze.

Social Media is akin to digital gold in the current era, the age of the internet. We have many social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and others. By following social media strategies for each of these platforms, we can raise funds. Showcasing the inherent talent of the underprivileged children on these platforms can ignite a desire among the public to contribute financially.

We can also utilize social media platforms for organizing crowdfunding campaigns. Short videos of underprivileged kids can be tagged along with the posts. We can ensure a consistent inflow of funds by appealing to the latent human emotions.

Donations need not be in monetary form. There is a general hesitation among the public when money is involved. NGOs should accept contributions in the form of commodities. We can also invite volunteers to donate goods directly to the financially challenged kids and thus, bridge the gap between the two domains.

Another way we can augment awareness among the public is by organizing events in public places like parks. It is vital to catch people’s eyes. And conducting activities in the open will ensure the same.

Volunteers can perform street plays and skits to raise awareness among the people. Performing arts have had a strong influence on society from time immemorial. So, why can’t they be used for sensitizing people regarding the work performed by NGOs?

People look for results; they want their efforts to bear optimistic outcomes. Therefore, NGOs should bring forth inspiring stories of children who have undergone significant improvement. It will instill confidence among the general population and help them realize their social responsibility more.

For us, charity is one mode of giving back to the world. It is one way through which we can persevere for society’s development. The human heart also longs to see the smiling faces of those belonging to the lower rungs socially and financially. When volunteers linked with different NGOs raise awareness, the chances of improving people’s lives are enhanced significantly. The key is to not lose hope and give our best efforts irrespective of the results.

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