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Restoring Consistency by Rohit Sharma

By Volunteer Rohit Sharma, FHI Bangalore

Thinking of the current Covid 19 situation, can you guess which sector is affected the most? Perhaps the most common answer we can come across is Jobs or maybe Health. Did anyone think of EDUCATION?

Due to this pandemic, the Education sector has suffered a loss of 2 years (2020 and 2021). Children, who are have economically challenged backgrounds or are orphaned are at the most vulnerable point. The problem is not only about the loss of 2 years but also about the inconsistency, which has created a kind of sluggishness in children. As two years is a huge amount of time, it needs to be compensated to avoid drastic repercussions.

FHI, with its focus on instilling and developing life skills in children, especially those coming from vulnerable backgrounds, has been organizing events to work on this cause. Having said that, as an NGO, this challenging situation can be addressed at 2 different levels.

First, as the loss of time can be compensated only by working overtime, so the very first solution, which comes out is “organizing events on a more frequent basis”. FHI has a huge network of people in almost every metro city, so it would not be very difficult to increase the frequency of organizing events. If FHI can organize two or more events in the same city on the same day and the team is divided to conduct them in those locations, then we can target a huge population at the same time. Volunteers can choose to attend any of these events based on their reachability.

Second, we don’t know when Covid 19 is going to end permanently. During this pandemic situation, kids of rich families had access to online classes, which helped them, in some manner, to compensate for this huge gap created by the pandemic. Yes, I am talking about “a system or a projector”. There are many people on this planet, who cannot invest their time but are willing to show their generosity by donation. If we can raise a fund and donate a projector to every organization, it can solve a bigger part of this huge problem. There are many online education platforms from where these kids can learn, all we have to do is provide a medium through funding and monetization. Just one system can be enough for an organization to help these economically challenged kids, which can create a huge impact on their future. And who knows the world may witness another Abdul Kalam among these innocent kids.

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