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Rainbow Home, truly

By Srishti Paliwal Sharma, FHI Delhi 

Fly Higher India Delhi’s venue for its July event ‘Mudita’ was ‘Khushi Rainbow Home’ in Okhla. Staying true to its name, we found Khushi and colours of joy in abundance, on each kid’s face.

Though a rainbow has only seven colours, but the brightness and shimmering happiness of the kids highlighted several colors. The place so beautifully painted, it instantly brought a smile on our face.


Just while entering their home, colourful graffities will welcome you and give you a hint that you are going to have an experience that  you will cherish for life. Without any hesitation, all of the girls accustomed with  us and made us a part of their small family. Trying to build a rapport, we all very curiously asked each other’s names, hobbies and favorite songs.

Talking about the activities, it was the ‘Friendship Day Week’! We decided  to make  cute little friendship bands, rings, necklaces, cards, reminiscing our childhood days. What we probably didn’t know was how good a bond we all would create while making these bands. Very innocently, the kids tied those bands on our hands and it was totally worthy of our time!

Other activities included some indoor games, card making workshop and a value-addition session on Yoga.

I interacted with Khushboo, Akanksha, Khushi and Jyoti (some of the girls in ‘Khushu Rainbow Home’). Jyoti is a 7-year-old girl with bob hair, black eyes, and a heart-touching smile. This little girl tried asking my name through gestures. Later, when I asked her name, she pointed a finger towards her friend and asked her to tell. ‘Jyoti’ she said,which means flame or light. A light that shines bright, something I could see in Jyoti’s eyes. What struck a chord was- she didn’t let her disability break her or obstruct her happiness. She is full of life and love. She danced like no one was watching and gave me a warm hug.

I wonder how these girls pave their paths to happiness, unlike us, cribbing at petty issues. That day, I took home some life-changing lessons- No matter  how big the problem is, working hard and smiling are the two simple things that will set everything in place. Secondly, Just do what makes you happy and do it with all your heart. The rest will follow!

I came home with peace in my soul and a bright smile. I cannot thank enough to FHI for giving me a chance to spread happiness and positivity. Thank you, FHI, for keeping the child in me alive!

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