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Problem Solving: Thinking ahead by Raunak Bhandari

By Raunak Bhandari, Fly Higher Jodhpur

Problem solving is a basic skill to have these days and it must be good for the benefit of people around you. How do you solve problems is a question as good as what do you do when encountering a problem. This brings us to 2 two scenarios of problem. How to solve your own problems vs how to solve others problems.

When you solve your problems you have a lot of time to think about. A lot of to study about the problem and then act upon it.

  1. Think ahead

  2. Aim to keep something for the present. The next time you plan.

  3. Remain alert and proactive.

  4. Keep believing and moving forward.

When you are solving others problems you have to know that you don’t know anything about them even if you are clairvoyant. Knowing how to proceed while starting from scratch is the greatest skill you can ever have. For that you need to be empathetic and most importantly patient. And to be patient you need to have working knowledge. If you know everything about the problem from start to end you can achieve anything in life. Solving others problems also requires intuition ,adaptation, protection, awareness, knowledge and most importantly forgiveness.

Making systems

Train your brain to make systems(fast)

I’ll show how. You are met with a problem. Make sure you don’t know anything about it. And try to take the problem as a whole without anyone’s interference and opinion. That’s hard but once you do that you reach a certain level of confidence before even starting to solve the problem. And then work yourself to the aim of solving problems. That’s where belief plays an important role. You do these steps correctly.

Connect the dots by thinking ahead. Thinking Ahead means thinking for the problem and getting the right measure. But that also means knowing your strengths and weaknesses and not underestimating the other person no matter who it is.

Take an example. You want to go to a movie but do not know which one is good. So you take opinions on it. You are not satisfied, what do you do? You check out the rating of the movie and make an opinion on it. But before that you check the timeon your clock as well as the movies you have in your mind so that it matches your preferences. So if it’s 6 pm on your clock and you feel like going to a movie at 7pm, You can rush. Timing is everything. Before solving any problem always ponder over time according to your preference and if you are helping a person take in consideration their comfort as well.

Make a plan of how it’s going to end with a vision in mind and just go towards your goal.

Ignorance plays an important role. You don’t know everything in this world so don’t act like someone who does. It leads to overconfidence. Make arrangements to get back to an optimum level of confidence so that you are not considered a one time wonder and keep learning from your mistakes as well as others mistakes.

Experience is built through this and it counts a lot. It forms a path. A path to happiness. A path to freedom. Intellect is gained.

“Intelligence is not a privilege, it’s a gift. And you use it for the good of mankind” – (Dr. Otto Octavius, Spider-Man 2)

Being more intelligent than others gives you power. Power makes you greedy for more.

We all are actually trying to find balance between all of this. Some do and some fail. They become infected like Dr. Otto Octavius and misuse the gift but we must always remember

“With great power comes great responsibility” (Connecting the dots)

I’ll give you something to help you out. Forget jobs, forget work, forget idols.

Forget yourself for once and keep this a secret to yourself. Imagine what you would want to become one day. Say you want to become an expert. You’d probably choose to be a figure or an expert in the particular field you’ve imagined yourself to be. That’s your aim and to reach that aim you have to use your skills to get there. It can be any number of skills but you have to choose one most important skill to reach there.

Now how do you build that skill. Solve the problem and the problems in between. Prepare yourself thoroughly for it and reach there. You’ve worked hard to get there so now you’ve mastered the skill and unlocked your dreams as well as other problems you’ve solved in the way of getting there. That’s it. LIVE LIFE.

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