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Perks of the NGO – Corporate partnership

By Volunteer Adhithya Mohan, FHI Kochi

Collaboration between the Business Corporations and NGOs is mutually beneficial for both the parties. Corporates benefit from the groundwork and domain expertise of the NGOs whereas NGOs gain exposure to a reliable stream of financing and strategic tools. The CSR mandate serves as a social compact between companies and NGOs, providing them with an ability to utilize each other’s strengths for socio- economic growth. The Corporate Social Responsibility was made mandatory by the Indian Government in 2014 to create social sustainability and as a result, corporates started collaborating with NGOs, as not all of them were equipped enough to pool resources to undertake the welfare initiatives on their own.

Now, the question is, how ingenious this NGO-Corporate Partnership is?

NGOs typically propound three things in the partnership: Credibility, Expertise, and Reach. Corporates too bring a wide range of benefits to NGOs which includes: Resources, Awareness and Expertise. NGOs help corporates to form connections which are not usually accessible by the corporate sector like civil society network, scientific community, community-based organizations etc. whereas Corporates help in getting access to distribution chains, resources, people, money, IT systems and knowledge that exists in the private sector. So, isn’t it a win- win situation for both the parties? One partnership, numerous perks!

We all know that the world is braving on a lot of social issues like hunger, illiteracy, poverty, malnutrition etc. and these forms of partnerships can help in addressing and fighting for these issues on a long run. The CSR mandate is a proficient foundation for partnerships which are thriving so as to serve the needy. NGOs need the capital to sustain themselves in this competitive market. Gaining funds is becoming a denser environment to crack with the increase in charity competition and that is why such partnerships should happen often so that the NGOs get all the resources that they need to bring the positive change, while bringing the corporates under the same umbrella.

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