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My time at FHI by Raunak Bhandari

By Volunteer Raunak Bhandari, FHI Jodhpur

From my time here at FHI I have learnt many skills. Delivering customer experiences and ensuring  people get comfortable while reading an article is one of the most beautiful skills I have chiseled  during my time at Fly Higher. Making the audience comfortable not only showcases a person’s values but also provides value to other people. It makes them feel good and a wave of friendliness and togetherness fills people’s hearts. It makes them more receptive to the knowledge, giving them a choice to build ideologies which is great in creating better and more thoughtful leaders.

Remember one thing: being able to write a thoughtful and compassionate article creates better leaders which is essential for our world’s future. Better leaders create a better tomorrow. Think of it in this way, Suppose you get a chance to lead a company or maybe a country one day. You would lead in a way that is most suitable to your comfort and ideologies. A self obsessed person might not make a decision as fruitful as an outgoing , thoughtful and empathetic man would make. It’s the quality of decisions that make for a company or a country’s future and the skill of writing a thoughtful and connecting article is a skill I value a lot in my coming days. I’d like to build it in a direction which would benefit me as well as others.

Another thing which has helped me a lot is that you need to write articles passionately with your  principles and dedication. Once you write with your principles you start developing your own ideology which would help you stay on course of whatever change you need to make in this world or for yourself and keep building these skills it helps you grow.

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