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Moments to celebrate, joy to spread and smiles to win

Date: 04-Nov-2018

By FHI Kolkata Volunteer Upasana Bhattasali It was another such day when we finally got some moments to celebrate, some joy to spread and some smiles to win.

The days spent with Fly Higher India or FHI (which is an NGO and looks forward to spend time with underprivileged kids) is never less than any stress buster. The overwhelming talents that the kids possess is beyond words.


Last Sunday (28th October, 18) we visited Deenabandhu Trust at Salt Lake (Sector IV), Kolkata to relive those precious moments all over again.

When the kids were asked to draw about their future self, I remember almost all of them were already very much confirmed about their goals. One of those kids was Premangshu who wanted to be a painter and undoubtedly was the best painter amongst all other kids. When asked since when has he been painting, “for about five to six years”, replied the twelve year old kid. It feels extremely incredible to meet such passionate souls!


The kid who mastered every dance step with ease, said, “I want to be a doctor when I grow up. I will build a hospital for the needy and teach dance to their children in my spare time”. The little kids with such bright dreams is something  which we do not come across every day. It is their dedication and determination which inspires all of us.

Coming back home, I recalled every moment, and began to wonder how those kids talked about gender equality, and the steps they highlighted which should be done to eradicate gender discrimination. The day came to an end with the kids answering  almost every questions asked to them during the quiz session.

These kids are the brightest promise of the future.


Working with/for FHI has taught me being grateful, generous and validating every privilege I get as a person. The shining eyes of the kids which are studded with passion if did nothing to anyone, has definitely pumped me up to be one of them and dream of a better future. We as a team went there to spread smiles, and the kids in return gave us even more joy and light.

This is how the world should work, isn’t it? Mutually gifting each other moments of fulfilment should be the one and only motive of every breathing soul on the face of Earth. Maybe, that can make us a little more humane.

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