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Lights, Camera, Life Skills! by Neha Dalwani

By Volunteer Neha Dalwani, FHI Surat

Miss Vaishali Chakravarty, the founder of Joy of Drama, is also a theatre actor. Joy of drama is an organization, which focuses on instilling life skills in children through drama. They currently have 12 centers across India.

Recently, Ms Vaishali went live with Fly Higher India, wherein she beautifully answered a number of questions on life skills, drama and children. Here’s a sneak-peak into the conversation.

1. What are life skills?

Answer: Life skills are the skills that helps one to live their life with ease and joy. The life skills acquired by a person also depends on their surroundings and their lifestyle.

2. Why should we focus on instilling life skills at a young age?

Answer: Instilling life skills at a young age saves time. Children are full of enthusiasm and energy and are not familiar with the terms such as self-doubt and seldom do they care about what others think about them. Children are impressionable and hence catch things very easily, so it’s the ideal time to inculcate life skills. As they hit their teenage years, they start searching for their identity, and usually face issues like self-doubt, and low confidence. They start searching for their goals and purpose of life, as they grow older, and along the path, they are constantly searching for validation and assurance, usually forgetting that the only thing that they need during testing times is self-belief. Though learning knows no limits and age, however, as they say, ‘A stitch in time, saves nine’. Similarly, instilling life skills at a younger age, prepares them well for their adulthood.

2. According to you which life skills are the most important ones?

Answer: Creative problem solving and self reflection are two major life skills that everyone should develop. You can solve any problem, if you are willing to solve it, otherwise, you’ll find a number of excuses, not to do so. Basically, the desire to solve a problem is more important than solving it. Identification, cause, desire and a solution are the steps to solve any problem.

We, human beings, always try to play the blame game, when faced with any problem. We don’t introspect and don’t look for a solution, rather we try to push it off on someone else. However, what is required is the skill of self-reflection. If we look within, reflect on our thoughts and behaviours, we’ll be able to solve the problem easily. 

3. Why is drama a great way of learning?

Answer: Everyone struggles to remember the historical dates, numerical, definitions and formulae, but seldom do we struggle to remember a story, plot of a movie, or our favorite characters. This is because, through visuals, we are able to connect more. That’s why drama plays an important role in teaching kids some important concepts, be it related to their studies, or life in general. With drama, they get to participate more actively, and hence, are able to connect more. This keeps them full of enthusiasm, and helps them in becoming more attentive and mentally present in a moment.

We absolutely loved how Ms. Vaishali gave us a new perspective on life skills and learning, especially through drama.

Hope you had a good time reading about it.

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