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Life Skills – Explored at every stop of life by Lathika Jain

By Volunteer Lathika Jain, FHI Chennai

I believe that a person starts inculcating skills from the day they are born and they keep exploring these skills at every step of life. There is no age barrier for a person to learn or explore anything, and I personally believe that one should keep exploring new things in their life as it provides them with an experience, whether good or bad, and this leads to the building up of confidence. The best definition of life skill, as given by Ms. Vaishali Chakravarty, states that anything that we do to make our life easy, spread joy and overcome the obstacles in life is a life skill.

According to Ms. Vaishali, one should focus on building their life skills before approaching 20s, as that is a period of major shifts in a person’s life, wherein, they move from their teenage to adulthood and start thinking about their career and goals in life. So if one is well-equipped with the life skills, they would be sorted on a personal level to a great extent, and this would help them to progress professionally.

Self-confidence is the key to progress in life and Ms. Vaishali elaborates the same, by co-relating it with creative problem solving. Life throws many obstacles at us, however, there is always a creative way to overcome them, if only one is confident enough to pursue the creative path. She also emphasises on the fact that one can solve a problem, only if one is ACTUALLY willing to solve them; otherwise we all are experts at finding excuses – this statement has inspired me the most as it puts light on the fact that indeed we can overcome anything, if only we are willing to.

Ms. Vaishali, who is also a theatre actor, uses drama as a medium to instil life skills amongst kids, hence making them more expressive and I find this approach very attractive, as drama also helps a person in learning things in a creative and easy way. I believe that we should keep inculcating new skills at all stages of life, because as it is said, “Life is all about creating yourself and not finding yourself”.

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