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Indian NGO spreading joy while developing skills

Event venue : Udaan Rose Children Home, Delhi

Date : 26th February, 2018

Writeup by : Aanchal, FHI NGO Delhi Volunteer

This day will always be memorable and will stay very close to our hearts. Pretty and happy faces were all around, whether it was Fly Higher India (FHI) – NGO in India developing life skills volunteers or the Udaan girls. Happiness was the flavour of the day.

After having nutritious lunch the girls were ready for all the activities we had planned for them. 88 girls divided in 4 teams – Red, Blue, Yellow and Green, lead by 4 volunteers and then the fun began. Girls were cheered up for the following fun rounds.

Round 1 : Ramp walk

We have seen models and actresses walk the ramp and present their style. When the girls were given an opportunity to do the same, they not only enjoyed it but it also made them feel no lesser than a model or an actress.  All girls were very excited and it was evident in their performance. Each group did their best to bring out their talent and girls too did their best poses, they even made some signature poses which amazed us.

Round 2 : Selfie Queens

Selfies that we click are mundane but seeing those pretty little girls clicking their selfies in all their innocence was indeed a treat to our eyes. Volunteers got props that made their pictures even more memorable. The most popular props were the crown, the spectacle, heart, star etc..

Round 3 : Talent show

This round actually blew our minds away. The girls were so talented that we couldn’t take our eyes off  their performances. From hip-hop to singing they did everything just perfectly. The volunteers by equal participation encouraged the girls.

Since it’s Holi, how could we forget to add more colours to their colourful life. Girls in all their merry celebrated holi with volunteers. Pictures were being clicked with smiley faces all around. Celebration was going on as if it was not going ever end but gradually, the energy levels in the girls dropped and that’s when we treated them with their favourite chocolates, muffins, fruits, vegetable patties, etc.

We were happy and content having seen these little stars enjoy their day. As everything has to come to an end, so did this wonderful event.

We bid the girls adieu with a hope of meeting them again in the future.

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