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I am now my updated version

By Shrushti Birajdar, FHI Pune

We met, we shared moments and something changed in me. I experienced a lot of things, learned a lot and it helped me to have different perspective towards life. I would like to share some of these experiences.


As a volunteer with Fly Higher India NGO, an event was organised at Martruchayya Balakasharam, Dighi (Pune) where we had planned several activities. Enthusiasm in the kids was phenomenal. While conducting a card making activity, there was one boy who was sitting with me and colouring the card. I had a leg injury and could not fold my legs and had to keep them in a straight position. While colouring by mistake, the boy kept his elbow on my knee and that made me react due to pain. The boy then said “दिदी जरा सहन कर.” i.e “Didi, Bear the Pain”. Something happed in me hearing those words and the pain seemed negligible. And that day that kid made me become stronger. I realised these kids go through so many hardships in life and are still smiling and accepting whatever is given to them with positivity and I needed to develop more strength to deal with my pain.



It was my second event at SOS Children’s Village, Yerwada (Pune). There were more kids at this event compared to previous one. Energy in the kids was extremely high. Some were enjoying their childhood and some were on the verge of entering their adulthood. All having extremely diverse hobbies and passion.

Some wanted to become dancers, some singers, pilot, football player and to our surprise majority of the girls wanted to be soldiers. And that patriotic feeling touched our heart. While having this session, there was one kid who had totally different ambition. This is how our conversation went –

FHI Volunteer : What do you want to do when you grow up?

Kid : “Mujhe ek brand banana hai”. (I want to establish a brand)

(Other kids burst out laughing and started taking names of brands like Nike, Adidas)

And that kid came back with a swagness in his reply

Kid : “Khud ka Brand Banaunga”. (I will make my own brand)

And that attitude was phenomenal to see coming from a 7-8 year old. He was undoubtedly a “Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka” (small in size, but very effective).

Every time I attend an event I learn something new. While interacting with the kids it makes me think – we have everything in life that we want from basics to luxury, while those angel-kids have very limited resources but they are self-taught souls. They have such vibes of goodness, innocence, boldness, strength, talent and a lot of gratitude.

Thank you Fly Higher India for this opportunity and for helping me become my own UPDATED VERSION.

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