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Happy Relations, Happy Kids! by Lathika Jain

By Volunteer Lathika Jain, FHI Chennai

A bond that a child makes with a fellow being is what he carries in future. The interpersonal relations of a child effect his emotional well-being. If the relation between a guardian and a child is not so good and mentally tortured, then the quality of their relation is quite low and the reactions of the child would displace in his other relations as well. This makes the child grow weaker, he turns silent, expresses unreasonable reactions, and goes through everything all alone. By not expressing, the child becomes mentally unstable and this leads to disturbance in his development. The development mainly depends upon the surroundings and the relations he carries. If children grow with negative energy and thoughts around them, it’s difficult for one to bring the positivity back in them. Good and fulfilling relations make a child grow positive and happy which eventually makes the child versatile and jovial in all fields. It’s well said “Mental prosperity is more needed than the physical needs”.

Kids grow and develop well in a happy habitat. It’s not the luxury that develops a child, it’s the mental well-being that develops him. If you see the hierarchy, all the successful people were not very rich or had a luxurious life before there was success, therefore it’s understood the growth and development comes with perseverance and hard work which indeed are supported by emotional well-being, thus well understood, emotional well-being plays an evident role in the development of the kid.

The amount of stress a kid undergoes when his interpersonal relations are not good reflects in the way he grows up whole as a person. If the relations get better within a certain period, then it doesn’t affect much but if it continues for a long period then it can never be forgotten by the mind even if one grows older. They definitely leave a mark behind in the mind and the heart.

So interpersonal relationships and emotional well-being have a great impact on the development of the child. Therefore “Happy relations hail happy kids and a happy home too”.

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