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Hallmarks of a Leader by Raunak Bhandari

By Volunteer Raunak Bhandari, FHI Jodhpur

What are the hallmarks of a leader?

Perseverance, Uniqueness and Bravery.

Dear Children,

To become leaders of tomorrow, know a few things about life. It can be tough, It can get ruthless. It will consume you if you’re not tough or brave.

Learn to deal with failure. Share it with your friends but have your opinions and a way of dealing with it. There is always something positive out there. Persevere. Your inner strength will not only help you through it but also show you a way.

In my opinion there’s nothing called failure. It’s called inability. Find ways to be able. It will develop your conscious thinking and bring out ways to deal with it. You’ll become able.

Be unique.

Being Bold is another thing. But as all great leaders you must persevere. Hold yourself in tough times and most importantly be Unique. Society can be tough, there will be peer pressure, there will be people forcing you to do things because everyone is doing it. Maybe they are wrong but they can never be a 100% right. That’s where you take a step forward and ask yourself.

That’s my opinion? Is it the right thing to do?

A positively trained subconscious mind

Dear Children,

Once you make it a practice for a long period of time no matter how tough it is, Magic starts happening. You start making good decisions subconsciously. That is training the subconscious mind and the path to being a leader. A positively trained sub conscious mind can change the world!

Everyone is a leader including you. We all have good qualities. It’s okay if you’re not getting recognised. Don’t worry, changing the world isn’t easy. You have to be as tough as a rock but soft at heart too!

Just remember that no energy of yours in the right direction will ever be of waste. Remember that and move on.

Empathy and Harmony

Leaders are change makers. Change makers are unique. For that you need to be tough, persevere and have empathy. Things change when you act with Empathy. You want to know how Empathy can do wonders? You want to be a changemaker? Spread Harmony. That brings me to a secret.

The secret of Taijitu

Let me tell you a secret. Shhh! This is one secret which should not remain a secret! Read very carefully. It’s going to be a treat.

Taijitu is all about balance. The coexistence of good and bad in everything.

You are talking to someone. There’s negativity around you. You spread positive vibes. The positive vibes would push the negativity towards the other person and the other person would try to push the negativity back towards you unknowingly. Remember you are spreading positivity. And as the negativity comes towards you it will automatically try to deflect and go to the other person and that’s when it doesn’t reach the other person because it’s a story of two accidents.

One was accidentally pushing negativity towards the other person and the other was a natural response towards negativity which was done unknowingly. In the end there is balance. There is harmony. The whole scenario would look like this:

Where the tiny white and black spaces are person 1 and person 2.

Take some lessons from this. Life is meant to be tough, full of challenges but to change the world little at a time, you need to absorb good experiences and keep the bad experience to learn. This will bring in the balance you need to conquer the world. It will bring harmony to the people around you. Your perseverance and patience would pay off and one day you would be able to make a change this world desperately needs.

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