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Flying start to 2019

By Neha Dalwani, FHI Surat

Fly Higher India is playing a vital role in creating difference in the lives of not so fortunate children by organising educational, fascinating events, awareness campaigns, health camps and inspiring the children to explore their unexplored talents. FHI volunteers play an important part by putting few extra efforts towards children who are hardworking and willing to grow. All of the members had some purpose at their core: love of creating bright smiles and accredit the children to share their stories, experiences, ideas and try to fulfil their expectations from FHI.

FHI has provided many talented children a constant platform to evolve and perform well in their lives. My long lost interest in social activities was geared up in the beginning of this year. Never thought a Whatsapp forward can change somebody’s life forever.  I received a Whatsapp forward of official link of fly higher India. While checking out FHI’s website I came across hundreds of beautiful pictures shared by different people from different regions of the country.

In this blog post, I have described my very first amazing volunteering experience at FHI. In the beginning of 2019, on 6th January, the organisation scheduled an educational event at school premises, which was later on rescheduled at panas gam, basti village due to some government exam. The event turned out to be a live event with a whole load of different activities of fun, entertainment and learning. Each activity was different and fascinating in its own way.

It was one day event with around 60 students of different age groups. We divided our event into three different sessions which included gross motor skills, fine motor skills and artistic skills. The session began with live interaction: a small introduction about their names, passions, interest and their goals and how FHI can be the perfect platform in order to help them achieving their goals.

Fine motor skills included Pictionary. In Pictionary the flash cards were provided with different English words, the children had to draw the word and the team had to guess the drawn word. We divided the kids into eight groups of seven each and a volunteer. It was one round activity but with the passage of time and the children were boosting up their level of enjoyment, we added one more hurdle round the upgraded one, we asked them to spell the drawn word. In order to make them learn new English words. The team with highest points was declared as winner.

Artistic skills included theme based drawing the theme was given on the famous festival of Gujarat Makarsankranti (kite flying) which is celebrated on 14th January.  The resourceful materials were provided and each student came up with interesting scenarios and all drawings were made creatively.

The activities of gross motor skills were solely for their fun. It included the dance, music and lemon and spoon race. Kids enjoyed dancing at their favourite songs and singing folk songs. They were at liberty to enjoy themselves. A tiny gesture was given them from our side.

By the time, children were so exhausted and tired. So we decided to surprise them with a little treat of mouth-watering snacks and chocolates.

To rejuvenate their enthusiasm, we decided to organise the next event super soon. Our happiness was doubled just by looking at their happy faces. Looking forward to attend more events every month.

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