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Exciting Times by Vishal Mimani & Preetham Murva

Written by FHI Founders :  Vishal Mimani & Preetham Murva

It has been an incredible journey so far and we are excited for the future, with newer developments and a deeper emphasis on instilling life skills.


We feel encouraged by so many schools and shelter homes across the country finding value in the programs we are running.

Thousands of most amazing volunteers are working in teams in 30 cities and are reaching out to over 6000 children from 80 schools/ homes.


We take this opportunity to thank all our 70 coordinators, 1400 volunteers, sponsors, advisors & followers for their support. Special mention to Mr. Vivek Yadav for designing our logo, thank you. International organisations like Canva & Salesforce recognised our work and honoured us with special benefits as a non profit, we truly appreciate your support.


We are ready to spread our wings further and reach out to more. Lets together continue to make learning fun.

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