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Empathy : Convert the Negative to Positive by Raunak Bhandari

By Volunteer Raunak Bhandari, FHI Jodhpur

“Bro, you sound like you are allergic to stupidity.” Haven’t we used this many times?

Why are we so unforgiving and overly critical towards stupidity is the question we must ask ourselves. Voice, heart, and character make a person empathetic. How would it be if you were able to see what others see, listen to what they listen to, and feel what they feel?

Superhero stuff, isn’t it? But, you can be a hero too, by cultivating empathy!

What are the problems in the path of becoming empathetic and how to solve them?

We live in different cultures and we grow up differently, along with different social groups and the stigma associated with them. Society and its stigma can be very dangerous. The amount of anxiety you get knowing that people would talk behind your back can be disturbing, given that you haven’t done much wrong. That’s when you start doing good to people. You become a better person and let them know through your actions that they have done wrong.

Some people have been talking consciously since childhood, others do not know what they’re talking about. Talking and thinking consciously is a great thing, especially in today’s world where one’s mindset is built constantly on others’ opinions. If you feel something does not unite with what is there in your heart, you must ponder upon and alter it, irrespective of how deeply the idea is inculcated in your mind. Positive consciousness opens the door to life’s most intriguing questions. It shows you the right path in the most difficult times.

“Opinion is really the lowest form of human knowledge. It requires no accountability, no understanding. The highest form of knowledge is… empathy, for it requires us to suspend our egos and live in another’s world. It requires profound purpose larger than the self-kind of understanding.”

But how do you take up positive consciousness?

Express your ideas consciously while remaining aware of other’s needs and interests. This way, you would induce in yourself the qualities of kindness, forgiveness, and consideration, which are the key traits of empathy. This will help you become confident about yourself and transform your outlook into a positive one.

Work, consciousness, and good character make up a man; everything else is complimentary.

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