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Dream a dream, make a wish! By Barkha Jain

By Barkha Jain, FHI Surat 

It was in November 2017 when this beautiful journey of dreams began. Vishal Mimani’s (Our Founder) simple hobby of spending time and working with underprivileged children led him to start this humble initiative at Bangalore, India.

Started with the aim of empowering children from vulnerable backgrounds to overcome the adversities of life and flourish in a fast changing world, the initiative soon spread to various cities and impacted lives of thousands of children and involved hundreds of volunteers.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. We are all dreamers with a mission in life. We have within us the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. And this is exactly what Fly Higher India NGO – FHI does. It encourages DREAMS. It works towards bridging this gap between dreams and reality. It encourages children to make a wish and offers them a new vision, a new possibility and a new hope to achieve it. Hope for a better tomorrow, a better life!

While mainstream education today focuses on math, science, history and language, FHI is working towards inculcating life skills, counselling, and imbibing confidence among underprivileged children and youth across India. When children have the confidence in their creativity, it allows them to take risks, they are less afraid of failure, they are more flexible. They are willing to stand up and speak out in front of a crowd. They enjoy a sense of pride about themselves.

Life skill programs that FHI is offering, in a true way complements and supports in creating learning opportunity for kids. They slowly become competent and learn to look upon a challenge as an opportunity. These are the children who’s next few generations are going to change, because of the confidence we build in them and the kind of exposure we give them. Making children understand how precious they are and putting a smile, is definitely what FHI does !

By helping them face the challenges of growing up which makes their life more complicated, FHI creates a very strong and lasting impact. We listen to their fears, we believe in their dreams without judging them. We cheer them up, which helps them do better at their tasks, learn valuable skills, find their own solutions to problems, manage their conflicts better and most importantly believe in themselves. This helps in building a healthy and inclusive Society where unique differences will be appreciated. Each one of us has the potential to make a difference in the society. Every single adult can do this. Imagine what many of us could together do. Join us in this beautiful journey and let’s together, FLY HIGHER!

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