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Deficiency of Emotional Touch by Vishal Malik

By Volunteer Vishal Malik, DHI Dehradun

Ignored Hitherto

Preparations for ANEMIA MUKT BHARAT clear the government objective to provide children with nutrients they are deficient in. But the picture of efforts towards mental and emotional health remains blurry. Children need to develop Emotional Quotient (EQ) along with their Intelligence Quotient (IQ) to pave their way to a successful life. Pandemic had taken it all away from them. Social skills that have never been a part of the school curriculum are learned via day-to-day activities from playing together to sharing a tiffin or having Mid-day Meals together. Individuals excelling with high IQ & EQ lead the world in many aspects and if we look up to them to make an impact, then they need to learn these social skills along with their academic subjects.

Online challenges

No online platform has yet proved to be a dose for this deficiency. Children have not been vaccinated yet and so they are bound to take online classes majorly. Although a study by UNICEF shows 52% of teachers (class 1-8) believe textbooks to be less effective than online classes, these classes have made students shyer and less exposed to other activities that boost personality and make them mentally stronger, as they feel more connected and valued. Connecting online is still better than isolation even then 77% of people in Urban and 51% in rural areas have access to smartphones yet. People having it have to suffer challenges like high internet charges.

Dose of connectivity

These gaps need to be filled and strong policies from the government are still to be looked upon. This is where NGOs like FHI (Fly Higher) come in. We here give children exposure to these activities and social connections to spark their little minds. We very strongly believe in SKILLS FOR ALL, that’s why activities like dancing, singing, talking to children and role play are a remarkable part of our events. By such events, kids receive mentorship and lessons, blended in festivals and parties.

The gap is wide open and online classes just cover a part of it, but these challenges can be overcome by direct involvement with the future of the country and the world, giving them their lost emotional touch.

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