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Celebrations at Fly Higher India

By Shivam Ahuja, FHI Delhi

I would remember the December 2018 event vividly for the rest of my life.

This event took place just before Christmas and New Year. The celebrations were in full swing. Team Fly Higher India – FHI Delhi were with the lovely kids at Udaan Foundation. It was a great bonding session, which each one enjoyed. The event started with basic interaction between the volunteers and kids. We made them comfortable and exchanged smiles, laughter and joy.

We then played Pass-the-Parcel game. When the music stops, whoever had the parcel had to say what he/she is blessed with. It was a fun activity where our moods were in sync with the happy music playing. We also conducted a Zumba cum Aerobics session for the girls. We promoted the concept of ‘hum-fit-toh-india-fit’ too.


We all then broke out into groups for art and craft activities. Half of the group decorated the Christmas tree and the rest made greeting cards for new year. It was a glorifying sight to see the young artists and their varied talents blossom. The Christmas trees once complete was quite a colourful sight to see.


Meanwhile, I sneaked out for a couple of minutes to get dressed as none other than Santa Claus! I always wanted to dress up as Santa and spread happiness and FHI gave me that opportunity. I came to the room as Santa singing Jingle Bells. I also distributed various gifts and a muffin for all the kids.


Below is a conversation I had with a child at the event and I hold this very dear to me.

Girl – Is Santa real?

Me – Yes!

Girl – He is a God in foreign countries?

Me – Santa is not God. He is a kind man who spreads joy and love. Even you can be Santa!

Girl – But I am a girl. How can I be Santa?

Me – Anyone can be Santa! Santa is a person who bring happiness to someone’s life. In fact you make me happy. and so you are my Santa!

Girl – (giggles) Thank you! Did Santa bring chocolates for us?

Me – Of course! How could he forget?!

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