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But the growth shouldn’t stop by Kratika Trivedi

By Volunteer Kratika Trivedi, FHI Lucknow

When we talk about this cataclysmic pandemic taking a ride all over the world, what we envision is disfiguring of the economy of the country, mass exodus of the labour class, enfeebling industries and a lot more as major concerns.

Although, these are the extremities that need to be emphasized, there are other sensitive issues as well that need to be addressed by the leaders of our country as an aftermath of this pandemic.

One of the core issue being referred here is, how this pandemic is going to cast darker clouds over the future of underprivileged kids, not only in terms of their education that has been quite uncertain since long but also in terms of their lifestyle and their way of living.

The persistent lockdown caused due to this pandemic might be a luxury for the middle and upper sections of the society but not for the underprivileged group, especially the kids as they are less immune and more exposed to this overpowering virus. And as an add on to it, this pandemic has stymied all the sources to earn a livelihood for them due to which the repercussions will be felt severely on their future.

It will not only affect their health, as there is no certainty of guaranteed proper nutrition but it will also affect their desire to obtain education because post pandemic, they will be more inclined towards earning a livelihood rather than thinking of their growth prospects and this will be a major setback for our country’s development as a whole.

And here, volunteers like us have to initiate and instill the spirit of learning and advancement among the underprivileged kids to make sure that their development does not stop.

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