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Bright future ahead..

By Neha Dalwani, FHI Surat 

Some time ago, Vishal Mimani the founder of Fly Higher India NGO wished to bring evolution in the lives of the not so privileged children in Bangalore. His only intention was to educate those children who were not blessed with proper school education, yet they had some exclusive talent. Little did he know, those small campaigns will become a large organization that will walk on path of gratifying dreams of thousands of children across India. It’s been a beautiful journey getting here and FHI is now a hearty, beautiful and inseparable family of more than 600 members. A family that is shouldering the responsibility of generating a difference in children’s life by nurturing their souls with knowledge and skills, preparing them to face the world, developing their personalities and making them learn how to walk on dark nights without guidance. Teaching a whole lot of things that will help them to shine like a star. Our job is to prepare them for their healthy-looking future.

FHI is now present in different cities across India. We (volunteers) support one another as a team. Every morning we wake up thinking how we can go that extra mile to make the lives of the children better. The organization conducts hundreds of events to benefit thousands of children. Education is our basic motto, besides educational events we organize events that allow the children to showcase their skills and we as a team help them in reaching their goals.

“When we set our visions on impossible, we take first step towards possible”, every FHI event is unique and theme-based. “Broaden your horizon” was the theme for February. Our Surat city team planned a one day event at a school. The event was named as “Mission Shurakshaa”, our purpose was to educate the children about “abuse”. We taught them about “different types of abuse” and “what measures should be taken at correct time”. This kind of education is beneficial lifelong.

The teams continue to help find answers about their unpredictable futures. We surely don’t have all the answers but we have beginning of an answer “education”. We educate them about self-awareness, relationship management, self-management and making them learn about being independent. Our way of educating is not that of book learning definitions. But we make sure that the children learn something in an exciting way and in a way that they will never forget.


It’s been a pleasure to be a member of FHI, I would like to acknowledge every member who give their time and energy in educating and nourishing these children.

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