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Brainwriting by Raunak Bhandari

By Volunteer Raunak Bhandari, FHI Jodhpur

Brain writing help you write down and shares your ideas so that everyone can share it and make opinions on it an once they make opinions on it then they can decide which one works best for the rest of the team. So that they can build on those ideas and get more viewpoints or choose amongst those ideas and work for the organization’s best interest. Another AMAZING thing is since I am brainwriting my ideas down I know I’ll be doing this for organization’s best interest. So why not brainstorm on organization’s best interest and work backwards till you find a creative solution and then can use the brainwriting to get more and more ideas. In that way you’ll have an idea of the solution and be eager to know different ideas from different people and work on the best idea, try to match it with the solution you have in mind and be open to surprises as their might be an even better solution through brain writing so that later on you can use the system you have designed to minimize time and increase efficiency.

It’s not about vs. it’s about how you use individual systems and merge them to give a great user experience.

There are different solutions to different problems in life. But how do you know that sometimes the same solution can be applied to different problems? You make the solution the aim and make it constant so that you can move the problems towards the solution and that’s what makes great solutions to simple problems and it is the simple problems you need to solve to solve greater ones and maybe one day you can achieve what no one ever dreamt of achieving.

Helps a lot in building a great younger generation which is as exciting as it can get.

How does it help?

Brainwriting helps in making good choices as well as helps in building good organizing skills. It gives you many plan B’s but Plan B’s just defocus you from Plan A (Jeff Bezos Interview Quote) which you get in the first place.

It also helps you ponder over different solutions to imaginary problems and save it for future references and building innovative thinking.

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