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Books and how to take values from it by Raunak Bhandari

By Volunteer Raunak Bhandari, FHI Jodhpur

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you talk about books?


Knowledge about things, knowledge from your environment.

Books document things. Books give you that extra knowledge. The knowledge you can use to build something. Something that the world can see. Books are just a record of all the knowledge related to a particular topic.

But do you remember everything you’ve read in a book?

You remember the things that catch your attention in the entire book and adapt to that thought and that is what’s the most important part in times to come. When you think about a book, you remember the excerpts that catch your attention the most, and that helps you make fond memories about the book.

Books are what happen when you’re playing with toys, learning alphabets and you’re curious about what those words are. That’s when learning happens and that’s when you bring out your curious nature and later on, build on it. Who knows later on you might become a writer or a screenwriter.

What is the power of books?


Books have the power to bring change. Whether it’s changed for your ideologies or to bring an impact to other people through your work. In the end, stories are what impact people. Touches people’s hearts. Make them feel special.

They are what makes you read the same writer again and again.

How do reading books help with your mental health?

It’s okay to distract yourself from this world, your studies and make reading books a habit. Studies can get a little too mundane. Reading books helps to keep you entertained and have fun along with making it a good regular habit. Something which would refresh your mind and keep you calm.

“Curiosity is the origin of Knowledge and Experience is the origin of wisdom”

Children have you ever read Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and Secret Seven. When I read it during school days It was the best thing that happened to me because it introduced me to society and how character sketches are built and interact with each other despite social differences among them.

It teaches you untold values and wisdom which sticks to you even years later as you remember them.

When you grow up with these amazing human values you subconsciously follow the right path and make good life choices. Through that, life is built with uniqueness and happiness. You learn to stand for what’s right and adapt to different situations which may occur in your life.

Book is a human’s best friend as it stays along during tough times as well as the most memorable ones.

You start discussing it with your friends and family and build up to the knowledge gained and in return get more insights on that knowledge which makes reading books more fun and exciting.

I LIKE FAMOUS FIVE by Enid Blyton. What about you?

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