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A blueprint for leading a joyous life by Nidhi Lohia

By Volunteer Nidhi Lohia, FHI Kolkata

The term ‘life-skill’ is subjective in nature and it can be interpreted in numerous ways. An enriching and fun conversation with Ms. Vaishali Chakravarty, (Founder – Joy of Drama) bestowed a new perspective to this term. Any skill which serves to render our life easy and filled with delight can be termed as a life skill.

It is vital to start inculcating these life skills in kids before they enter their teens and at the most before turning adults i.e. it is imperative to commence early. Firstly, it buys the necessary time to develop these skills before the hectic schedule seeps in at a later stage. Secondly, children are the symbol of unadulterated innocence; they are inquisitive and devoid of self doubt. Devoid of any sort of prejudice, children become an epitome of self belief and this very virtue lays down the path for a blissful life.

In a world where every opinion is influenced, it is crucial to self introspect and not merely imitate others. Life skills serve to aid people in building an identity of their own. The enlightening conversation also focuses on the various steps to be followed for solving various problems in life. For resolving any issue, the most vital thing is to not live in a state of denial. It is critical to identify and acknowledge the problem and then creatively solve it. We should also learn to not only express sympathy for others’ troubles but also empathize with them.

Implementing unorthodox ways to interact with children goes a long way in helping the children to express themselves. When children are given the freedom to explore their mental abilities, when their inquisitiveness is not met with opposition, it allows them to evolve happily.

The conversation, as if, provided a blueprint for leading a joyous life; it serves to influence people to not to become utterly pessimistic in their outlook towards life. It has certainly inspired me to visualize life with a new perspective, and has surely influenced my life for the better.

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