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Do you remember a person who made a major difference in your life?

FHI Chennai Volunteer Sakthi

Do you remember a person who made a major difference in your life?

A school teacher, your mentor, your sibling, your parents or any person who motivated and helped you to grow.

Fly Higher India NGO (FHI) gives you the opportunity to be that person by helping children to prosper. FHI greets everyone with a open heart and bright enthusiasm. I was happily one of them from the very first event. Volunteers are given roles and cyclic chances to conduct an event for children. That made me very happy, and more involved with my work.

It is not only a fun filled event, but at the same time makes you feel blessed for spending a worthy sunday with kids.

After every event, I  will not just say that I am a volunteer of FHI, rather I’ll say that I sm happy because I made a difference in some child’s life.

To the schools we goto, we talk about hygiene, empowerment, gender equality, women’s education, social issues, etc and encourage the children to speak out about the same. The topics are so strong that one can visually see the creation of better future for the children by making them enlightened about the particular topics.

Some kids sadly don’t have a mentor or guide who will talk to them about these issues or guide them to success, but joining FHI, gives you a chance to do it.

When you leave an event, you will carry a bag full of beautiful memories, shared dreams of the children, cute little high-fives, games full of fun, etc. But amidst all this, what is most important is to see the children smile. Thus, FHI helps us to make a diiference in the kids life. Let us help each other and spread our love towards the children by volunteering for Fly higher India.

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